I'm Gonzalo Vazquez. I live in Toronto, where I design the future.

I feel in love with technology at an early age. I remember when I was younger I always wanted to be a jet plane fighter pilot. I was captivated by the design of the planes and their amazing capabilities. I would dream about flying the skies and travelling really fast across the world.

Shortly after college, graduating with a Degree in Media Arts, I was ready to create amazing worlds and stories that I could share with the world. However, it was my first internship, where I re-discovered my passion for technology and fused it with my passion for media.

Fast forward today, I have worked in many different industries, helping companies be that supersonic jet and embrace cutting edge technology while helping modernize their system and process. My new storytelling tool has been data and it has been my mission to empower other through blog post, speaking engagements and mentorships on how to create a sustainable technology model driven by data.