How I organize my week

Like most of us, I have tried many different approaches to organizing myself to improve my productivity. A couple of years back I discovered the G.T.D. methodology.

In essence, G.T.D. provides the following framework:

  1. Capture all your thoughts.
  2. Clarify each item.
  3. Organize the items and give them context.
  4. Review frequently.
Get Things Done

Using this process, I tested different applications to help me apply the G.T.D. framework. I finally settled on an app called Things.

Things App

However, G.T.D. and Things are only part of the equation, what helped my planning was establishing a routine around it and this is what I would like to share with you.

Preparing Things (No Pun Intended)

In the Things App, you can create Areas which contain Projects which contain items.

I created an Area called Backlog.

Inside Backlog, using the projects I created spaces that align with important parts of my life.

Backlog Image

UsMakesTwo/Beyond Analytics: Professional life

Personal: All related to my personal life

Learning: Things I want to learn and improve

Someday/Maybe: Things I am not sure about but I don't want to forget.

After all my projects are created, I use the tag feature to create two labels:

Maintenance: Anything that does not generate personal, emotional, spiritual growth. Usually, errands fall into this category.
Growth: Anything that propels me to be a better person.

Now that I have the structure set up, I can start my weekly planning.

The planning — Sunday

Every Sunday, I open the Things app and use the Inbox tab to capture all my thoughts using a trigger list.


Afterwards, I review each item and assign it to each project I had created depending on what the item is.

After assigning it, I label it either maintenance or a growth tag.


The first time doing this might take you a long time since you are setting up your whole framework from scratch.

Starting the week

After I have all my items out of my brain and into Things App it is now time to create my week worth of productivity!

Every item I want to complete in a week, I mark with the Today icon.


After going through my whole tasks this is what my Today tab looks like


Finally, I start my week and focus on completing the tasks I committed myself too. You may remember the filters, Maintenance and Growth, I created before. Every week I try to keep a balance of 80% growth tasks with 20% maintenance tasks.

Ending the week

Once Sunday approaches, I repeat my brain dump and review my Inbox to understand why I didn't complete any task left over.

For the leftover tasks, I usually add sub-tasks to make them more actionable and doable.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post and please share your productivity tips! I am always looking to improve mine.