Using Github as your personal database

You are a javascript developer, you have tons, and I mean tons of options on where to store your data.

Every option has its pro’s and con’s. Regardless you have to pick a database, learn the API interface and set it up. After a while you are frustrated and you just want to save your data somewhere!

Cue Github DB!

Github is one of the best developer platform but it can also be a great database. Let me explain why.

  • Logging: With Github, you can quickly look at your commits and see the write and updates for your client.
  • Visualization: Github offers amazing tools to visualize the incoming number of reads/writes.
  • Persistance: With Github you can rollback to early stages of your data and see how it has evolved.
  • Security: Using Github, your database inherits the same standards from Github. Two-factor authentication, yes please!
  • Availability: Github has known to be down, but let’s be honest, it is good enough.

I wrote a simple node module that will allow you to achieve simple CRUD operations with Github. Give it a shot and tell me what you think.